David Howard

The man, the myth, the legend. The big Baws. Started the whole PTP legacy in 1992. Riding bikes, raising kids, and back at it again doing the bike thing in DGO.

ALlyson Howard

The wind beneath the wings. The wordsmith. The creative genius. The meme queen. We finally got her to ride bikes, but it’s nothing to write home about.

Ben & Drey

The cream of the crop, these are the two dynamite mechanics who will have their hands on your bike when it’s in the shop or help you with a rental or demo. They’ll amaze you with their trail knowledge or help you pick out your next noble steed. They are FLC Cycling team members who we have the pleasure of having in the shop when they aren’t in class or shredding. They rock.


the howard spawn

These kids are probably the ones pulling the least weight around here to be honest, but they needed an honorable mention. Over the summers, they do get a lot of bike washing in. Your bike could have been washed by one of these little cherubs. Don’t worry we pay them generously in ice cream and quarters.

(they don’t have an instagram yet THANK GOD)

bryan klock & Greg Gladden

AkA the shift mtb boys

Bryan and Greg have a passion for mountain biking! They started the sport as a way to get fit. Little did they know mountain biking would become a huge part of their identity. They run a youtube channel called ShiftMTB. They love it all from xc to enduro, downhill to BMX. These guys love cycling, getting stronger, faster and welcoming new people to the sport!

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