Planning a trip to Durango? Call us to reserve some bikes for the whole family on the Animas River Trail for the day! Planning on riding the Colorado Trail? Ship your bike to Pedal the Peaks, the Colorado Trail headquarters! Doing the Durango to Moab hut to hut? Ship your bike here, or rent one of our premium IBIS, Intense, Orbea or Transition bikes for the trip. We have the best and largest rental fleet for ripping through the town trails or blazing the way on a hut to hut trip, or just riding around and enjoying the beauty of Durango. If you want to be on a bike in Durango, we have you covered.

We rent Townies, Road Bikes, Kids Bikes, Tag-a-long Bikes, Kids Trailers, Hardtail Mountain Bikes, Fat Tire, Road Bikes, Performance Dual Suspension Bikes, Premium Dual Suspension Bikes, E Bikes and Go-Pros.

And who knows, we may have winter type rentals soon!!!!


We are a full service bike shop. We don’t turn any bike away. Flat? DONE. Major bike tune. Say no more fam. Road bike? Walker? Wheelchair? Unicycle? We got you. If you have a bike problem, we can fix it. 

We pride ourselves on our stupid fast turn around times and nearly no wait for service appointments. (Barring ordering parts or warranty issues) We have three dudes that do all our service work, so we get to know you and your bike. We try our very best to get things done the first time, and if it isn’t quite right, please, PLEASE let us know. We want you to leave stoked about it. Our job is to get you set and back to what we all love doing, riding bikes.

Service Menu

“The Slim” tune - wash. adjust shifting. adjust brakes. true wheels. adjust headset. bolt check. lube chain. complimentary safety check. $69.99

“The Fatty” tune- same as “The Slim” but wait! THERE’S MORE! premium bike wash. replace cables and housing. bleed brakes. adjust all bearings. $149.99

Drive Train Install- (cassette, crank, derailleur, shifters, chain) $74.99

Install Disc Brake Kit- $59.99

Bleed Brakes & Adjust Shifters-$59.99

Replace Tube/Tire OR Flat Repair $10

Wheel Build $40

Wheel True $15

Spoke Replace $20

Brake Bleed $30 each or both for $50

Brake Adjust $15

Stan’s Kit $25

Stan’s Redo $8 +Stan’s cost

Derailleur Adjust $15

Remove and Install Pedals $8

Tape Bars $15

Install Grips $8

Install Chain $10

Install Cassette $15

Replace Bottom Bracket $25

Bike Wash $10

Bike Box $10

Bike Package $65 +$10 drop off

Bike Build $75

Bike Build Frame Up $175

Frame Swap $175+parts

***minimum service charge $6+parts***


Moving? Doing the Hut-to-Hut trip? Want your bike here when you get here for your trip? Have your bike shipped to us, we are partners with Bike Flights!

Just make sure you give us a call and let us know it’s coming and we can get it all built up for you!

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